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Wendy’s and YouTube

This Side of Sanity

    I was horrified to discover that YouTube is running a highly obscene video advertisement before YouTube videos.

    The video advertisement is created by a fast food company named Wendy’s.

    I am not going to comment on the morality of fast food or the essentially unhealthy nature of the so called food they server.

    My conern is that their video advertisement, which was the kind that can not be stopped and must be played all the way through, was filled with disturbing and obscene close-up images of mutilated animals, specifically pigs and cows.

    These images were very graphic. These ere definitely mutilated animal bodies. The cows were ground up and the pigs were sliced up.

    There had to be extreme animal cruelty to make this so-called food product.

    Now, I support the right for people to eat what they want, but there is no reason for YouTube (owned by Google) to be forcing YouTube viewers to observe such an obscene display of animal cruelty in order to view music videos.

    Isn’t there anyone at YouTube who checks to see if proposed video advertisements are highly obscene and offensive?

    I might also mention that the so called food product (a pretzel bacon cheeseburger) violates the dietary laws of Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, four of the five largest religions in the U.S. after Christianity. And many (not all) members of the other large religion, Wicca and other Witchcraft variants, are vegan.

    Why is YouTube promoting animal cruelty and purposely insulting America’s minority religions?

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