Another 700 Miles
by 3 Doors Down

    Album: Another 700 Miles
    Artist: 3 Doors Down
genre: alternative rock
release date: 2003
label: Universal
total running time: 28:27
U.S. peak chart position:
U.K. peak chart position:


recorded: live during the Away From The Sun Tour 2003
mobile recording: Effanel Music
mixer/editor: Brian Sperber
assited by: Kris Lewis
additional editing: Kurt Uenala and Sara Trygg
mastered by: George Marino (at Sterling Sound, New York City, New York)
lead vocals: Brad Arnold
guitar: Matt Roberts
guitar: Chris Henderson
bass: Todd Harrell
drums: Daniel Adair
creative director: Sandy Brummels
design: Joe Spix
cover photos: Maayan Zach
interior photos: Kip Malone


  1. Duck And Run   4:35
  2. When I’m Gone (Intro)   1:18
  3. When I’m Gone   4:21
  4. Kryptonite   4:14
  5. Here Without You   4:11
  6. It’s Not Me   3:47
  7. That Smell   6:01

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Another 700 Miles

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