Away From The Sun
by 3 Doors Down

    Album: Away From The Sun
    Artist: 3 Doors Down
genre: alternative rock
release date: 2002
label: Universal
total running time: 46:51
U.S. peak chart position:
U.K. peak chart position:


recorded: London Bridge Studios, Seattle, Washington
additional overdubs: Greenhouse Studios, Burnaby, British Columbia (engineered by Geoff Ott, assisted by Gordon Sran and Latif Taylor)
producer: Rick Parashar
engineer: Rick Parashar and Geoff Ott
Pro Tools: Geoff Ott and Rick Parashar
mixer: Randy Staub (at Armory Studios, Vancouver, British Columbia)
assisted by: Dean Maher and Paul Silveira
mastered: George Marino (at Sterling Sound, New York CIty, New York)
lead vocals: Brad Arnold
guitar: Matt Roberts
guitar: Chris Henderson
bass: Todd Harrell
drums: Josh Freese
strings: David Campbell
Hammond B3: Rick Hopkins
percussion: Matthew Burgess
art direction and design: Karen Walker
band photography: Frank Ockenfels 3


  1. When I’m Gone   4:20 (follow link for lyrics)
  2. Away From The Sun   3:51 (follow link for lyrics)
  3. The Road I’m On   3:59 (follow link for lyrics)
  4. Ticket to Heaven   3:27 (follow link for lyrics)
  5. Running Out of Days   3:31 (follow link for lyrics)
  6. Here Without You   3:57 (follow link for lyrics)
  7. I Feel You   4:07 (follow link for lyrics)
  8. Dangerous Game   3:36 (follow link for lyrics)
  9. Changes   3:56 (follow link for lyrics)
  10. Going Down In Flames   3:28 (follow link for lyrics)
  11. Sarah Yellin’   3:17 (follow link for lyrics)
  12. This Time (Hidden Track)   5:18 (follow link for lyrics)

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Away From the Sun

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