Better Life
by 3 Doors Down

    Album: Better Life
    Artist: 3 Doors Down
genre: alternative rock
release date: 1999
label: Republic/Universal
total running time: 40:46
U.S. peak chart position:
U.K. peak chart position:


recorded:Ardent Studios, Memphis, Tennessee (recorded by Paul Ebersold and Matt Martone)
producer: Paul Ebersold
engineer/mixer: Toby Wright (at the Record Plant, Los Angeles, California)
assistant mix engineer: Mike Butler
mastered: Stephen Marcussen (at A&M Mastering Studios, Hollywood, California)
lead vocals: Brad Arnold
guitar (lead and rhythm): Matt Roberts
guitar (lead and rhythm): Chris Henderson
bass: Todd Harrell
drums: Brad Arnold
piano: Kevin Paige (on “Loser”, “Be Like That”, and “Duck And Run”)
photography: Andrew MacNaughtan
art direction / design: PR Brown


  1. Kryptonite   3:56   (follow link for lyrics)
  2. Loser   4:21   (follow link for lyrics)
  3. Duck and Run   3:52   (follow link for lyrics)
  4. Not Enough   3:16   (follow link for lyrics)
  5. Be Like That   4:25   (follow link for lyrics)
  6. Life of My Own   3:59   (follow link for lyrics)
  7. Better Life   3:05   (follow link for lyrics)
  8. Down Poison   4:25   (follow link for lyrics)
  9. By My Side   3:20   (follow link for lyrics)
  10. Smack   2:31   (follow link for lyrics)
  11. So I Need You   3:51   (follow link for lyrics)

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The Better Life

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