Joys & Concerns
by The Negro Problem

    Album: Joys & Concerns
    Artist: The Negro Problem
genre: rock
release date: May 25, 1999
label: Aerial Flipoux (original release) / Smile (2002 reissue)
total running time:
U.S. peak chart position:
U.K. peak chart position:


lead vocals: Stew (Mark Stewart)
guitar: Stew (Mark Stewart)
keyboard/bass/2nd guitar: Heidi Rowald
drums: Charles Pagano
horns: Probyn Gregory (of the Wondermints)


  1. Joys: Repulsion (Show Up Late for Work onn Monday)   3:58   Stew
  2. Joys: Sea of Heat   3:32   Stew
  3. Joys: Comikbuchland   3:51   Stew
  4. Joys: Heads   3:57   Stew
  5. Joys: Mahnsanto   4:19   Stew
  6. Joys: Bleed   3:43   Stew
  7. Concerns: Peter Jennings   3:58   Stew
  8. Concerns: Ahmnot Madatcha   2:28   Stew
  9. Concerns: Ken   3:41
  10. Concerns: Goode Tyme   4:54
  11. Concerns: The Rain in Leimart Park Last Tuesday   3:27
  12. Concerns: Come Down Now   32:05   Stew

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Joys & Concerns

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