On the 6
by Jennifer Lopez

    Album: On the 6
artist: Jennifer Lopez
genre: R&B
release date: June 1, 1999
label: Work
total running time:
U.S. peak chart position:
U.K. peak chart position:


lead vocals: Jennifer Lopez


  1. If I Had My Love   4:25   Daniels, Jenkins, Jenkins
  2. Should’ve Never   6:14   Baliardo, Barnes, Lopez
  3. Too Late   4:27   Lopez, Rooney, West
  4. Feelin’ So Good   5:27   Cartagena, Combs, Logios
  5. Let’s Get Loud   3:59   Estefan, Santander
  6. Could This Be Love   4:26   Dermer
  7. No Me Ames [Tropical Remix]   5:03   Baldi, Ballesteros, Bigazzi
  8. Waiting for Tonight   4:06   Christensen, Garvin, Temple
  9. Open Off My Love   4:35   Branch, Lawrence, Rivera
  10. Promise Me You’ll Try   3:52   Zizzo
  11. It’s Not That Serious   4:17   Dawson, Jenkins, Jenkins
  12. Talk About Us   4:35   Rooney
  13. No Me Ames [Ballad Version]   4:38   Baldi, Ballesteros, Bigazzi
  14. Una Noche Mas   6:39   Benito, Christanson, Garvin

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On the 6

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