Seventeen Days
by 3 Doors Down

    Album: Seventeen Days
    Artist: 3 Doors Down
genre: alternative rock
release date: 2005
label: Republic/Universal
total running time: 44:11
U.S. peak chart position: 1
U.K. peak chart position:


recorded: Ocean Way, Nashville, Tennessee
mixed at: Emerald Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
producer: Johhny K
engineer: Johnny K
additional engineering/digital editing: Kirk Kelsey and Tadpole
assistant engineers: Leslie Richter and Todd Schall
mixer: Andy Wallace
protocols: John ‘O’ Mahony (assisted by Allen Ditto)
mastered: Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk Studios, New York City, New York
lead vocals: Brad Arnold
guitar: Matt Roberts
guitar: Chris Henderson
bass: Todd Harrell
drums: Richard Liles
art direction: Sansy Brummels
design: Karen Walker
photography: Dean Karr


  1. Right Where I Belong<   2:31   (follow link for lyrics)
  2. It’s Not Me   3:14   (follow link for lyrics)
  3. Let Me Go   3:52   (follow link for lyrics)
  4. Be Somebody   3:15   (follow link for lyrics)
  5. Landing in London (featuring Bob Seger)   4:31   (follow link for lyrics)
  6. The Real Life   3:52   (follow link for lyrics)
  7. Behind Those Eyes   4:19   (follow link for lyrics)
  8. Never Will I Break   3:50   (follow link for lyrics)
  9. Father’s Son   4:12   (follow link for lyrics)
  10. Live For Today   3:47   (follow link for lyrics)
  11. My World   2:55   (follow link for lyrics)
  12. Here By Me   3:47   (follow link for lyrics)

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Seventeen Days

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