This Is Me… Then
by Jennifer Lopez

    Album: This Is Me… Then
    Artist: Jennifer Lopez
genre: R&B
release date: November 19, 2002
label: Epic
total running time:
U.S. peak chart position:
U.K. peak chart position:


lead vocals: Jennifer Lopez


  1. Still   3:40   Bell, Hill, Huggins, James
  2. Loving You   3:45   Garvin, Mtume, Oliver, Rooney
  3. I’m Glad   3:42   Lopez, Mr. Deyo, Oliver
  4. The One   3:36   Bell, Creed, Deluge, Lopez
  5. Dear Ben   3:14   Edwards, Lopez, Rooney
  6. All I Have   4:14   G., Jeffrey, Lopez, Peters
  7. Jenny from the Block   3:08   Barnes, Lopez, Miro, Mr. Deyo
  8. Again   5:47   Hamlet, Lopez,, Oliver, Rooney
  9. You Belong to Me   3:30   McDonald, Simon
  10. I’ve Been Thinkin’   4:41   Lopez, Rooney, Shea
  11. Baby I Love U!   4:43   Barry, Lopez, Rooney, Shea
  12. The One   3:31   Bell, Creed, Deluge, Lopez

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This Is Me… Then

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