Welcome Black
by The Negro Problem

    Album: Welcome Black
    Artist: The Negro Problem
genre: rock
release date: September 3, 2002
label: Smile
total running time:
U.S. peak chart position:
U.K. peak chart position:


recorded: May 2002
lead vocals: Stew (Mark Stewart)
guitar: Stew (Mark Stewart)
keyboard/bass: Heidi Rodewald (formerly of Wednesday Week)
drums: Charles Pagano


  1. Fox Hills   0:29   Stew
  2. Father Popcorn   3:28   Stew
  3. Lime Green Sweater   3:40   Stew
  4. Is This the Single?   3:53   Stew
  5. Watering Hole   3:566   Rodewald, Stew
  6. The Teardrop Explodes   2:42   Stew
  7. Astro Sister   2:20   Rodewald, Stew
  8. In Time All Time   3:16   Stew
  9. Out Now   3:37   Rodewald, Stew
  10. I’m Sebastian Cabot   2:56   Stew
  11. Bong Song   4:40   Stew
  12. Bermuda Love Triangle (The Waterbed)   8:48   Stew

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Welcome Black

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