Motown Records summary information

label: Motown Records
address: 1755 Broadway, 7th Floor
city: New York City
state: New York
zip code: 10019
phone: 212-373-0750
fax: 212-445-3425
web site:
genres: R&B, hip-hop, soul, pop


contact for unsigned musicians

Michael Michel, A&R
no unsolicited material

Robert Watson, A&R
no unsolicited material>

artists currently or previously on Motown Records

music released by Motown Records

singles released by Motown Records

song artist album composer
producer genre U.S. charts
British charts
release date
You Can’t Hurry Love the Supremes The Supremes A Go-Go Brian Holland - Lamont Dozier - Edward Holland Jr. Brian Holland and Lamont Dozier R&B 1
August 13, 1966

albums released by Motown Records

album artist genre U.S. charts
British charts
release date
The Supremes A Go-Go the Supremes R&B   1966