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#1 “Only a Memory (official video)” by the Smithereens (with 34069 votes)

#2 “Sweet Child O’ Mine (official video)” by Guns N’ Roses (with 23931 votes)

#3 “Man In The Mirror (official video)” by Michael Jackson (with 17087 votes)

#4 “Cult of Personality (official video)” by Living Colour (with 10842 votes)

#5 “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone) (official video)” by Cinderella (with 10122 votes)

#6 “Don’t Worry Be Happy (official video)” by Bobby McFerrin (with 9273 votes)

#7 “Mountain Song (official video)” by Jane’s Addiction (with 7375 votes)

#8 “Devil Inside (official video)” by INXS (with 5281 votes)

#9 “All Fired Up (official video)” by Pat Benatar (with 4972 votes)

#10 “All She Wants Is (official video)” by Duran Duran (with 4838 votes)

#11 “Paid In Full (official video)” by Eric B. & Rakim (with 4690 votes)

#12 “A Nightmare on My Street” by D.J. Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince (with 4537 votes)

#13 “After Midnight (1988 version)” by Eric Clapton (with 3400 votes)

#14 “Handle With Care” by Traveling Wilburys (with 3201 votes)

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