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#1 “The Cave (official video)” by Mumford and Sons (with 32569 votes)

#2 “Rolling in the Deep (official video)” by Adele (with 29107 votes)

#3 “Grenade (official video)” by Bruno Mars (with 26744 votes)

#4 “Don’t Owe You A Thang” by Gary Clark Jr. (with 26136 votes)

#5 “Pumped Up Kicks (official video)” by Foster the People (with 23096 votes)

#6 “I Gotta Feeling (official video)” by the Black Eyed Peas (with 22868 votes)

#7 “Fucking Perfect (official video)” by Pink (P!nk) (with 22267 votes)

#8 “Firework (official video)” by Katy Perry (with 20655 votes)

#9 “Tik Tok (official video)” by Ke$ha (with 18021 votes)

#10 “Hey, Soul Sister (official video)” by Train (with 17981 votes)

#11 “Hurricane (Censored Version)” by Thirty Seconds to Mars (with 12495 votes)

#12 “Little Lion Man (official video)” by Mumford & Sons (with 11384 votes)

#13 “California Gurls (official video)” by Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg (with 11312 votes)

#14 “Run Devil Run” by Girls’ Generation (Shoujo Jidai) (with 10856 votes)

#15 “Oh!” by Girls’ Generation (Shoujo Jidai) (with 10772 votes)

#16 “Prayer In C (official video)” by Lilly Wood & The Prick And Robin Schulz (with 10634 votes)

#17 “Nightmare (official video)” by Avenged Sevenfold (with 9553 votes)

#18 “Loca (official video)” by Shakira Featuring El Cata (with 9163 votes)

#19 “Shoot To Thrill (official video)” by AC/DC (with 9162 votes)

#20 “All Of The Lights (official video)” by Kanye West featuring Rihanna, Kid Cudi, Fergie (with 9066 votes)

#21 “Super Bass (official video)” by Nicki Minaj (with 9037 votes)

#22 “OMG (official video)” by Usher featuring (with 8923 votes)

#23 “Fuck You (official video)” by CeeLo Green (with 8194 votes)

#24 “Bon, Bon (official video)” by Pitbull (with 8182 votes)

#25 “I See The Light” by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi (with 8014 votes)

#26 “Just The Way You Are (official video)” by Bruno Mars (with 7343 votes)

#27 “Need You Now (official video)” by Lady Antebellum (with 7154 votes)

#28 “Cuanto Me Cuesta (official video)” by La Arrolladora Banda el Limon (with 6789 votes)

#29 “Part Time Love” by Jumpin’ Jack Benny (with 6680 votes)

#30 “Me Duele (official video)” by Roberto Tapia (with 6640 votes)

#31 “Waka Waka (Esto Es Africa) (official video)” by Shakira featuring Freshlyground (with 6143 votes)

#32 “Rude Boy (official video)” by Rihanna (with 5991 votes)

#33 “Increible (official video)” by Banda Sinaloense MS De Sergio Lizarraga (with 5889 votes)

#34 “Jumpin” by Kara (with 5518 votes)

#35 “Chasing Pirates (official video)” by Norah Jones (with 5185 votes)

#36 “Marijuana” by Kid Cudi (with 5161 votes)

#37 “Tonight (I’m Fuckin’ You)” by Enrique Iglesias featuring Ludacris & DJ Frank E (with 5117 votes)

#38 “Only Girl (In the World) (official video)” by Rihanna (with 5042 votes)

#39 “Undisclosed Desires” by Muse (with 4636 votes)

#40 “Firework” by Katy Perry (with 4436 votes)

#41 “Secrets (official video)” by OneRepublic (with 3523 votes)

#42 “Got Your Back (official video)” by T.I. featuring Keri Hilson (with 3399 votes)

#43 “Derezzed (official video)” by Daft Punk featuring Negin (with 3333 votes)

#44 “Come On, Get In (official video)” by KT Tunstall (with 3181 votes)

#45 “I’m Not The One” by the Black Keys (with 1987 votes)

#46 “Shake Up Christmas (official video)” by Train (with 1606 votes)

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