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    This custom music player (still very crude, but working on it as fast as I can) allows you to legally play music from the internet.

    You do this by creating an account (make sure your email address is real), go to YouTube and find videos of songs you like, copy and paste the YouTube URL (located in the address bar of your web browser), type in the song title, artist name, and the length of the video, along with comments (YouTube’s Terms of Service require that you add content), and add the song.

    Once you have at least three songs, you can have the player continually play random songs from your personal play list.

    I will soon be adding the ability to better manage your personal play list, as well as the ability to share your play list with your friends or the general public, and the ability to recommend similar songs..

    All of this is free and legal with no ads in your music.

    Cool, huh?

    Suggestion: You can find songs that others are playing by looking at their play lists (“view friend’s play lists”).

    There is a long list of songs (including the Hot 100) at (“easy add”) that you can just click to add.

    If you don’t have any friends with play lists, you can take a look at the play lists for the genre channels.

    You can also go to YouTube and find new (or old) songs for yourself.

    You need the YouTube URL (or code, but we can get the code out of the URL for you), the name of the song, the name of the artist, and the length of the song (either in seconds or in minutes:seconds).

    Copy and paste those for items into the “advanced add song” form, along with your personal comments on the song.

Play List

You must have at least three songs in your play list for the music player to work.


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