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    This website was originally started for the band This Side of Sanity and later expanded to cover music in general.

    This website has become very popular.

    This new effort is intended to use the website’s popularity to help great musicians become successful.

how this will work:

    This website will have a registry of local bands that are cooperating under the This Side of Sanity project. Rules will be published on this website and are subject to change without advanced warning, but we will try to keep them fair.

    This website will include postings of your upcoming shows and other announcements about your music. This website will include advice and suggestions on how to further your career. This website will make it easier for you to cooperate with other musicians to further your own musical career.

    Use the following form to contact us to sign up. To avoid spam, the email that will respond to you is not named on this webpage, but it will come from a gmail account that has a name with the initials O.C. and a title mentioning This Side of Sanity.

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There is a delay because all information submitted must all be reviewed by a human to prevent spam.


    Gonna try to keep the rules to a minimum. Rules are subject to change without prior notice.

    You have to be serious about music. You have to be creating music and performing in public (brief hiatus or start-up time acceptable). You can’t be a jerk. You need to be willing to reasonably cooperate with other musicians in the project (within reason -- guidelines on what is reasonable will be added).

    You should include a mention that you are a participant in the This Side of Sanity project in your promotional material, including your website. You should emphasize your own band or artist name. At some point before, during, or after your performances, there should be a mention that you are part of the This Side of Sanity project. This mention can be in written form, such as a sign.

    A project of this nature will include musicians of extremely wide ability levels and even wider musical tastes. That being said, if other members of the project report that you just “stink” as a musician or musicians to the point that you are harming the shared reputation, your continued membership in the project can be terminated (normally by a vote). This rule shouldn’t be abused by anyone who simply doesn’t like your musical genre or style. Appropriate allowance should be made for less skilled musicians who simply need more practice and experience to grow as musicians. This rule is intended to eliminate those who have no talent and really are harming everyone else’s reputation.

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    One of the best ways to move up Google (and other search engine) rankings is to have quality links from other websites in your same topic. The website page for this program gives professional website advice (from someone who has already achieved success in the Google listings) and information for you to find other musicians (from anywhere in the world) who play a similar style/genre to your own so that you can swap links.

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