Nat King Cole

Style: bolero, classic pop, jazz, swing

    Nat King Cole, jazz singer (piano, vocals, guitar), born 17 March 1919 in Montgomery, Alabama, United States, and died 15 February 1965 in Santa Monica, California, United States.

    “By my late teens I was really getting into the singers. Nat King Cole was a household name and I adored his voice but wasn’t into the big orchestral pieces. At a record shop this guy handed me a record of him doing Gershwin, Cole Porter, that style, with strings and a piano, and I realised this was the Cole I wanted to emulate. He was an immense talent in his own right as a jazz performer, not just with the big band stuff. I guess I was, by then, a music snob and geek and consciously rejecting obvious, accessible jazz. Listening to Cole’s alternative side made me think I was right to be a snob.”—The 10 best jazz musicians by Jamie Cullum

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