Peggy Lee

Style: jazz, blues

    Peggy Lee, an American jazz and blues singer.


    Peggy Lee was born Norma Jean Egstrom and first worked as a teenage singer in 1936 with the Jack Wardlow Band. Peggy Lee worked with Will Osbourne from 1940-1941, then joined the vocal group The Four of Us, where she was heard by Benny Goodman and asked to join his band. Within days of joining Benny Goodman’s band, Peggy Lee recorded her first records, including her first hit, a 1941 cover of Duke Ellington’s “I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good”.

    Peggy Lee had several hits with Benny Goodman, marrying the band’s guitarist, Dave Barbour. Peggy Lee signed a solo deal with Capital and later with Decca. Several of her more than 30 hits featured Dave Barbour’s band. now has 1 Peggy Lee songs

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