Mary Lou Williams

Style: big band, classical, free jazz, gospel, hard bop, jazz, swing

    Mary Lou Williams, jazz pianist (piano), born 8 May 1910 and died 28 May 1981 in Durham, North Carolina, United States.

    “Mary Lou spanned the entire history of jazz. She started out playing in a swing band and moved every decade into a new arena of music, doing modal stuff in the 70s, and later playing avant garde. I discovered her on a jazz compilation I found in Oxfam. The song was “Zodiac Suite” and I was staggered that she managed to straddle both jazz and classical music. She was one of the few jazz musicians to be accepted by the classical world, and even played in Carnegie Hall with an orchestra. She was a fantastic composer, pianist and mentor and the most important woman in jazz.”—The 10 best jazz musicians by Jamie Cullum

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