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    According to the Los Angeles Times college text books average $120 each (late 2006) and the major book publishers are still jacking up the prices. According to the LA Times, many poor students are barred from higher education (even though they have financial aid or a scholarship) because they simply can’t afford the price of text books, which can be more than a thousand dollars a semester/quarter.

    The major book publishers put out new (more expensive) editions of text books every three years. It just happens to be that three years is the amount of time for a text book to saturate the used text book market and cut into sales of new books. The book publishers claim that this is mere coincidence with the timing of their new editions and that they only publish new editions when they need to make improvements on the existing text. it is mere coincidence that these necessary improvements happen to exactly match the sales cycle for every text book they publish!

    It will take me time to get a English composition text book written, but I am a skilled writer, as proven by the highly popular website OSdata.com, a website on computer operating systems that is used by more than 300 universities and colleges around the world and that has been cited by the U.S. Navy in the paperwork justifying switching to Linux for all mission critical computers and by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany in paperwork justifying their switch to Linux.

    I do actively encourage students, teachers, and professional writers to provide useful feedback and criticism to help make this project useful as a free downloadable college text book.

    Professors and schools are encouraged to modify this text for their particular classes, as well as use portions of this text for class handouts. Exact details in copyright section.

    Donations of money to help support the writing and hosting of this project are greatly appreciated. Milo, PO Box 1361, Tustin, CA, 92781, USA.

If you have comments or suggestions, please contact contact00@ThisSideofSanity.com and label your message “summary”.

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Building a free downloadable text book on English composition for university, college, community college, and high school classes.

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