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This Side of Sanity

 CD available soon! Check back for details. 


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the band’s music

featured dance song


featured hard rock song

Amazing (modern rock)
For the Last Time (hard rock)
Cobalt Blues (new wave rock)

featured soft rock song

featured jazz rock song

Bone Yard Parade (peace song)

complete song list

about the band

    This Side of Sanity first existed as a regular band for several years, going from a living room in Orange County to selling out Los Angeles-area nightclubs. The growing success was a disaster.
    When two major labels started bidding for a contract with the band, one of the members attempted to go behind everyone else’s backs and sign a solo deal. That ruined any chance of getting a record contract and broke up the band.
    Original members Milo, Misha, and Jeff, as well as Garix, John, James, and Bill later resumed This Side of Sanity as a recording project.
    Over time some of the original members of This Side of Sanity appeared in other bands, often joining up with people who have later joined on This Side of Sanity recordings. These bands include Junky Monkey (James, Chip, and Garix), THC (Misha and Bill), and Frame 313 UK (James, Chip, and Bill). Some songs from those bands have been rescued and added to the This Side of Sanity library.
    The new emphasis is on recording great original songs in a wide variety of genres (really wide). You can hear some of the results of the new recordings combined with recordings of the original band on this site.
    With the new approach, art becomes more important than commercial considerations. We are no longer trying for a recording contract as a group (although several of the participants are seeking record contracts for their own projects — particularly interesting is James’ and Bill’s unnamed band).
    The goal of This Side of Sanity is to create great music in a variety of popular music genres (especially variations of rock).
    Local musicians are invited to possibly participate in some future recordings, either of material from the current group of core musicians or from the guest musicians (original material only — no covers).
    Additionally, there is a web zine, providing a place for artists and poets to showcase their work, as well as a section on other musicians and bands.

This Side of Sanity original Junky Monkey Tea House Cabaret Frame 313 UK This Side of Sanity
recording project
Milo (rhythm guitar)
Jeff (keyboards)
Misha (bass, backing vocals)
Chip (lead and rhythm guitars)
Bill T (drums, piano)
Gabrielle (lead vocals)
Rob (drums)
Scott (drums)
several other lead vocialists and drummers
James (lead vocals)
Chip (guitars)
Garix (drums)
Ralph (vocals)
Misha (bass)
Bill (gutars)
Garix (drums)
James (vocals)
Bill (guitar)
Chip (guitar)
James (vocals)
Bill (guitar)
David Ramirez (drums)
Deryl Dixon (bass)
John Toner (guitar)
Misha (bass)
Garix (drums)
Jeff (keyboards, piano)
Bill T (keyboards, piano)
Milo (percussion)

excellent site providing help for musicians

song information

open source studio project

too extreme for iTunes!!!

This Side of Sanity website and music was rejected by Apple’s iTunes!!! According to Apple “Your site is aesthetically unpleasing” and “Your site contains extreme religious content” and “The content is unrelated to iTunes” and “Your site promotes tobacco, alcoholic beverages or excessive drinking/drug use” and “Your site is international”.


contact us at This Side of Sanity, PO Box 1361, Tustin, California, USA, 92781.