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    My goal is to provide a free downloadable text that can be used in college and high school English composition classes. The intent of this free downloadable college text book is to attempt to directly help poor and middle class students with the high cost of college text books by providing a high quality free alternative that can be used in the classroom for a subject that almost all college students are required to take.

    Professors and schools are encouraged to modify this text for their particular classes, as well as use portions of this text for class handouts. Exact details in copyright section.

    This is still a work in progress. Feedback and constructive criticism appreciated (especially feedback from professors who might want to use the finished book).

    I am starting with the chapter on grammar. Information on grammar is useful for any writing class and this is one of the easiest chapters to write.

    While this book is still being written, professors are free to use specific chapters (or portions of chapters) as class handouts to supplement existing for-profit text books. This same policy will continue to apply after the book is completed, but this policy offers usefulness for many classes right now today even though the book is still incomplete. During this time, professors should refer to materials either by webpage URL or by chapter and section title as page numbers will be in continual flux. See details in copyright section.

    I’m not trying to knock off the mainstream publishing companies. Despite their price-gouging, they do serve a useful purpose. My intent is to create a reasonable alternative publication.

    Poor students should not feel bad about using this book for free. You are exactly who this book is intended to help. If it is important to your self-esteem to pay for the book, you may optionally do volunteer work for the charitable organization of your choice (not political or religious activity — actual work for a charitable organization helping the poor, the elderly, the sick, the disabled, or the environment, etc.).

    Students have permission to download this free English composition textbook (in whole or in part) and print out copies for personal use. See details in copyright section.

    See copyright section for permissions for professors, schools, libraries, etc..

    Remember that any donations are voluntary and donations are not expected from those who are poor or otherwise might be burdened by the cost of making a donation. Corporations or rich people who want to help support the writing of this book are encouraged to make donations and will be specifically mentioned for their support.

    author: Milo, PO Box 1361, Tustin, CA, 92781, USA

free English composition text book project

If you like the idea of this project,
then please donate some money.

send donations to:
PO Box 1361
Tustin, California 92781

If you have comments or suggestions, please contact contact00@ThisSideofSanity.com and label your message “summary”.

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free English text book project

Building a free downloadable text book on English composition for university, college, community college, and high school classes.

If you like the idea of this project,
then please donate some money.

send donations to:
PO Box 1361
Tustin, California 92781


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