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Musical selection is “Bone Yard Parade”, This Side of Sanity, © 2003 Milo, Misha, and James F. Fahnestock.


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Posted on 8.12.03 @ 7:52am
From an Anonymous Fan, who gave a rating of 4

Strong F******* pipes!!! I think Audioslave could share a stage with This Side of Sanity. Great lyrics as well!! I want to hear more.


A hot wind is blowing
the seeds we are sowing
but what are growing
that’s watered with blood

Lessons we don’t learn
So how can the tide turn?
in a sea

Oceans of hatred
pulling us down in your war time
it’s like a rip tide
red tide

rankles the womb of our humanity
bone yard parade

faithless charade
of the wrong minds
minds without reason, wisdom, or grace
and yet power

eyes full of fear
dead light
it’s tearing us all into
leading you, bleeding you,
and the red tide is also blue.

herein the red tide is drowning you

warm tears are falling
our conscience is calling
the clock hands keep crawling
to the time we’ll see change

(when we’ll)

pray to the peace sign
throw out a lifeline
in this sea

there’ll be no hatred
pulling us down in your wartime
it’s like a rip tide
red tide

rankles the womb of our humanity
your bone yard parade

baseless tirade
of the wrong minds
minds without reason
will soon have to face
a new power

eyes wide and clear
as midnight
will deafen their ears to you
vest no more fear in you

and the red tide will roll in blue

chord progression (main progression)

C Major 7 - e minor 7 - a minor 7 - d minor 7 - G dominant 7 - C Major
E dom 7 - E dom 7 - a minor 7 - D dom 7 - G dom 7 - a minor 7
E dom 7 - c# full diminished 7 - d minor 7 - b half diminished 7 - G dom 7 - a minor 7
F Major 7 - g# full dim 7 - A dom 7 - a sus - G dom 7 - C Major

chord progression (ending progression)

F Major 7 - g# full dim 7 - A dom 7 - a sus
F Major 7 - g# full dim 7 - A dom 7 - a sus
F Major 7 - g# full dim 7 - A dom 7 - a sus - G dom 7 - C Major

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