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the Cosmic Orgasm

    The ancient Egyptians had hundreds of creation stories, in part because each of the major regional deities had their own creation myths before Egypt became the world’s first nation, but also because the ancient Egyptians recognized that their creation myths were metaphors for basic truths and they had plenty of room for additional creation truth.

    One of the major ancient Egyptian creation myths was about the Cosmic Orgasm.

    Originally there was the Chaos of Nun, a nether void without orgnaization or theme.

    In the Chaos of Nun, the Cosmic Egg came into existence. The Cosmic Egg was the safe place for the combined deity Sekhmet-Bast. Among their many roles, the Goddesses Sekhmet and Bast represented the dichotomy of creation (Bast) and destruction (Sekhmet).

    After untold time the combined Goddess Sekhmet-Bast became lonely, so She split into two Goddesses, Sekhmet and Bast.

    The two Goddesses showered each other with love, engaging in lesbian sex in the Cosmic Egg.

    Their love was so great that they caused the Cosmic Egg to grow so large that the Cosmic Lotus had to come into existence just to support the weight.

    As the intensity of their lesbian sex grew, so did the Cosmic Egg and the Cosmic Lotus, emerging from the Chaos of Nun.

    In a blinding burst of light (Ra), Cosmic Orgasm burst open the Cosmic Egg, parting the Chaos of Nun and creating the universe.

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