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A New Beginning to A New Life

by Morgan Antea

    The Tarot opened a new door, awakening things unknown to me at that time in my life. The Tarot became the beacon in my spiritual journey, and brought me the beginning of a new life.

    A point is reached in a person’s life, when life, itself, is not enough reason to be happy. This time, a time of transition, opens the possibilities for the enrichment of life through many various paths. Such a time came in my own life, and curiosity produced a road to happiness, through the Tarot. I stood in a bookstore, and noticed these boxes of cards. I became interested in learning how to do the Tarot, therefore buying my own deck, The Dragon Tarot.

    After teaching myself the basics, I peeked into the back of the book, and noticed many references toward Wicca. Again, my curiosity took over, and I searched for information on Wicca. After many months of study, I decided that Wicca was the answer to my time of transition.

    It was at this time, that I learned how to connect to my deck, how to come to a more personal level with the cards, and how to near literally be their friend. For example, take a card from your deck that you feel a “vibe”. Just sit for a few minutes, and just look at the card. What does the image show you? What does the image mean to you?

    I chose the Moon card, which pictured a silver dragon, sitting under a full moon. The image brought a sense of dreaming, mystery, and things unknown. The actual book meaning of this card is, looking inward into the darkness of the unknown, and being able to see the truth by the light of the Moon. You might even try meditating with that card.

    These events put into motion many happy times in my life, but also many strange and curious things. The Tarot brought me to this road on my spiritual journey and still shines as the beacon that guides me.

Starlight Falling

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