Columbia Records summary information

label: Columbia Records
address: 550 Madison Ave., 24th Floor
city: New York City
state: New York
zip code: 10022
phone: 212-833-4000
fax: 212-833-5607
web site:
genres: rock, pop, R&B, funk, punk, alternative


contact for unsigned musicians

Lee Dannay, VP of A&R
no unsolicited material

Don DeVito, VP of A&R
no unsolicited material>

David Andreone, VP of A&R
no unsolicited material>

artists currently or previously on Columbia Records

music released by Columbia Records

singles released by Columbia Records

song artist album composer
producer genre U.S. charts
British charts
release date
Let’s Get Loud Jennifer Lopez On the 6 Estefan, Santander   R&B   2000
Like a Rolling Stone Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited Bob Dylan Tom Wilson folk rock 2
August 1965

albums released by Columbia Records

album artist genre U.S. charts
British charts
release date
The Voice of Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra jazz 1
September 1946
Highway 61 Revisited Bob Dylan folk rock   September 1965