Concord Records summary information

label: Concord Records (Concord Music Group)
address: 100 N Crescent Dr., Suite 275
city: Beverly Hills
state: California
zip code: 90210
phone: 310-385-4455
fax: 310-385-4466
web site:
genres: jazz, adult standard, rock, mainstream jazz
distributor: Universal Innovative Distribution Network


Glen Barros, President/CEO

contact for unsigned musicians

John Burk, A&R
no unsolicited material

Nick Phillips, A&R
no unsolicited material

2004 Billboard Magazine Top Independent Labels (#12)
2004 Billboard Magazine top independent label on Billboard Top Jazz Labels chart

artists currently or previously on Concord Records

music released by Concord Records

singles released by Concord Records

albums released by Concord Records

album artist genre U.S. charts
British charts
release date
Genius Loves Company Ray Charles and various artists jazz   2004
Here We Go Again Ray Charles and Norah Jones jazz   2004