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#1 “My Immortal (official video)” by Evanescence (with 30632 votes)

#2 “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine” by the Killers (with 22122 votes)

#3 “Slither (official video)” by Velvet Revolver (with 16616 votes)

#4 “Yeah! (official video)” by Usher Featuring Lil Jon & Ludacris (with 16118 votes)

#5 “Slow (Chemical Brothers Remix)” by Chemical Brothers and Kylie Minogue (with 13754 votes)

#6 “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day (with 13628 votes)

#7 “Let Me Go (official video)” by 3 Doors Down (with 11578 votes)

#8 “Let Me Love You” by Mario (with 11479 votes)

#9 “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by the Darkness (with 9875 votes)

#10 “Time Is Running Out” by Muse (with 9196 votes)

#11 “Take Me Out (official video)” by Franz Ferdinand (with 8293 votes)

#12 “The Long Goodbye” by A Girl Called Eddy (with 7880 votes)

#13 “Are You Gonna Be My Girl (official video)” by Jet (with 7707 votes)

#14 “Blood and Thunder (official video)” by Mastodon (with 7612 votes)

#15 “Float On (official video)” by Modest Mouse (with 7418 votes)

#16 “Reptilia (official video)” by the Strokes (with 6883 votes)

#17 “Ghost Love Score (fanmade with Tarja and Floor)” by Nightwish (with 3629 votes)

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singles released in 2004

song artist album composer
producer genre U.S. charts
British charts
Let Me Go 3 Doors Down Seventeen Days   alternative rock   Universal

albums released in 2004

album artist genre U.S. charts
British charts
Genius Loves Company Ray Charles and various artists R&B   Concord
Here We Go Again Ray Charles and Norah Jones R&B-jazz   Concord
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