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“Under My Bed”

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Musical selection is “Under My Bed”, This Side of Sanity, © Chip Lamb and James F. Fahnestock; originally recorded by Junkey Monkey. Recorded and mixed by Barry Wood at Ashwood Productions (1993) and mastered by Barrry Wood at The Other Room (2005).


    When I got to the end of “Under My Bed” when I was doing the mastering it brought back memories of the mix. That ending was fun. Just before the last note of the vocal I changed the program on the Lexicon PCM-70 to “Infinite Reverb”, ran around the console to the 2", and hit stop while I manually kept the reels spinning so the playback heads wouldn’t disengage to do the tape slow-down thing. — Barrry Wood at The Other Room

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 CD available soon! Our CD will be available soon. Check back for details. 

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