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Vote Republican


    Vote Republican to finally eliminate government so corporations can run America.

    Vote Republican to keep growing our budget deficit that has spent the entire Clinton surplus while passing more tax cuts in the spirit of trickle-down economics.

    Vote Republican to give tax breaks to the wealthy, leaving you to pay their part of the tax bill.

    Vote Republican so HMOs and insurance companies instead of your doctor can make all your healthcare decisions.

    Vote Republican so drug companies can profit from privatized prescription drug benefits that seniors, veterans, and other needy citizens will have to pay for.

    Vote Republican so drug companies can rake in high profit margins from the rest of us.

    Vote Republican so private providers can make a profit from tax-dollar school vouchers without accountability and close down public schools.

    Vote Republican to privatize Social Security so Wall Street firms can profit from your retirement.

    Vote Republican to put your hard-earned savings and pension funds in the pockets of CEOs and investment firms.

    Vote Republican to make it harder for investors to sue those who rip them off.

    Vote Republican to help credit card companies collect on high interest debts by making it tougher to file for bankruptcy when 9 of 10 bankruptcies are the result of job loss, medical-bill payments, or divorce, hitting women the hardest.

    Vote Republican to deregulate electric service so big users can bargain for lower rates, leaving residential users, especially in rural America, to fend for themselves.

    Vote Republican so factory farms and Big Ag can do all the farming as they replace family farms and destroy our rural communities through market manipulations.

    Vote Republican for more agriculture programs like the Freedom to Farm Bill.

    Vote Republican to weaken clean water and clean air regulations so your children can get used to pollution when they grow up.

    Vote Republican so we don’t have to sign the Kyoto Protocol and be concerned about global warming — let other countries worry about that.

    Vote Republican so Wal-Mart and other big chains can use the tax laws to completely close down our Main Street businesses.

    Vote Republican if you think business first and people last.

    Vote Republican to take away workers rights and reduce their benefits and wages.

    Vote Republican to hold minimum wages below the poverty level for people coming off welfare.

    Vote Republican to oppose a living wage that would lift families out of poverty.

    Vote Republican for efficiency and profits at the expense of human beings, communities, and the environment as promoted by MBAs trained in the Chicago School of Economics, the foundation for Reaganomics.

    Vote Republican to deregulate and privatize in a free market place so big businesses have little competition or accountability when setting the prices you pay.

    Vote Republican to deceive voters with phony sound bites like “Right to Work” that destroys workers’ rights; “free trade” that is never fair; and “eliminate big government” so the biggest players in any market always set the rules without regulations.

    Vote Republican so you pay for tax incentives given to enterprises that bring cheap jobs to your community.

    Vote Republican for free trade to export good American jobs to Third World sweatshops.

    Vote Republican so religious extremists can tell you how to live your life.

    Vote Republican to keep sex education out of schools so our teenagers can figure out for themselves what causes pregnancies, AIDS, and other STDs.

    Vote Republican to spy on your neighbors and lock up anyone that looks suspicious without a fair hearing.

    Vote Republican so only a handful of people can send us to war without public debate in Congress.

    Vote Republican so the Executive Branch of government can ignore the Constitution and continue to operate in secret.

    Vote Republican to increase the military budget for the benefit of defense contractors whether the Pentagon needs it or not.

    Vote Republican to build bigger, more powerful weapons to wipe out whole villages where some terrorists may be hiding.

    Vote Republican so we can set off another nuclear arms race by not renewing and ratifying treaties.

    Vote republican so overloaded trucks loaded with lethal reactor cores in flimsy containers can drive through your community, even near your home.

    Vote Republican and send our corporations to the Bahamas to avoid paying taxes.

    Vote Republican to defeat any campaign finance reform that would limit the power of money in politics.

    Vote Republican, which produces death, desperation, and depression.


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