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Rhonda Allison Skin Brightening Cleanser

4 oz.

    “Lightening cleanser helps control pigmentation problem.”

    “Natural all-purpose cleanser keeps skin lighter and brighter by helping suppress melanin production. Shea butter, kojic acid, cranberry extract, and flower petal oils leave skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean. Good for all skin types. Massage small amount into face. Rinse with warm washcloth.” —GreatSkin

    “Natural all purpose cleanser that assists in the suppression of melanin keeping the skin lighter and brighter. May be used on any skin type to leave skin feeling fresh and squeaky-clean.” —GreatSkin

    “How to Use: Pour a small amount into damp hands and apply to face. Massage into skin and then rinse well with a warm soft cloth. Rinse several times.
    “Skin lightening cleanser is effective in assisting control of pigmentation problems when used with Skin Lightening Gel or Naturale1 and Skin Lightening Enzyme.” —GreatSkin

    “Cautions: Avoid eye areas.” —GreatSkin

    “Ingredients: Distilled water, shea butter, saponins, laurel Berry Derivatives, PEG fatty amino acids, sodium chloride, vitamin B-5, lysine, Kojic Acid, Cranberry Extract, and flower petal oils.” —GreatSkin

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