This web page describes the plans for a multi-purpose studio.

    There are no trade secrets on this web page.

    Information on this early draft page is subject to a great deal of modification.

Major contributors:


    This multi-purpose studio is intended to have the facilities neeeded for a record company and a film production company.

    Capability to record a pop band or solo act. With additional rented equipment, capability to record an entire orchestra. Capability to mixdown and master music of any size.

    Capability to shoot feature films, both on sets in studio and on location.

    Capability to edit feature films.

    Capability to shoot music videos.

    Capability to shoot digital still photography and manipulate still photography for various media, including print, web, animation, and motion picture.

    Capability to create 2d and 3d animation for titles, music videos, special effects, and other short form animations.


    This is the facility specified for the multi-purpose studio.

    Large room for recording and shooting digital film and video.

    Control room.

    Engineering and digital storage room.

    Edit bay.

    Practice rooms.

    Storage of field equipment.

    Storage of sets and props.


    This is the equipment specified for the multi-purpose studio.


    This is the microphones specified.


    This is the cameras specified.


    This is the lighting, including lights, grid, and controller.


    This is the miscellaneous grip gear.

Field Equipment:

    This is the field equipment.

Audio/Music Workstation:

    This is the audio/music workstation.

Edit Bay:

    This is the edit bay.


    This is the switcher.


    This is the router.

Digital Storage:

    This is the digital storage.

Still Photography:

    This is the still photography.

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