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Morning Ritual

    Morning Rtual was one of the holiest of all ancient Egyptian rituals, a greeting of the rising sun in honor of either Bast or Isis.

    Most commonly done nude, it included singing and chanting, sometimes set to music (especially the shaking of the sistrum). Neter Sentra, or incense, was burned, with a combination of cannabis hemp flowers and cinnamon being the most common ingredients. The ritual also involved cunnilingus.

    Shortly before the sunrise, worshippers of Bast or Isis would light their incense. The incense was believed to carry the wishes, dreams, and desires of the participants to the Goddess.

    Cunnilingus was viewed as an important and central part of Morning Ritual. The ancient Egyptians believed that the vaginal fluids produced during orgasm had magick properties. They called these fluids the “nectar of the Goddess” and believed that this was what gave the deities their immortality. They also believed that if a human drank the nectar of the Goddess every morning at sunrise, that the human would also attain immortality. At the very least, the drinking of the nectar of the Goddess was viewed as an important component for general health.

    Early Christianity originally viewed women as property (livestock) and didn’t believe that women even had souls. Therefore, Christianity overlooked women’s spirituality and ignored the religious practices of women. While Christian soldiers were slaughtering millions of pagan men, they left women to worship whomever they pleased. Most women worshipped Isis or Bast.

    As a result, about two million women engaged in Morning Ritual in the city of Rome every day, their orgasmic moans filling the ancient urban skies with their devotion to Isis and Bast at sunrise.

    Unfortunately, a Roman Catholic Pope liked to sleep in late and was severely annoyed by being woken at sunrise every day by millions of female orgasms.

    So, the Pope outlawed oral sex with the punishment of the death penalty. The Roman Catholic Church continues the ban on oral sex even to this day 9although they haven’t executed anyone for oral sex in several decades).

    Bast’s Breath is the belief that the smoke of marijuana is the holy breath of the Goddess Herself. The original phrase is “Neter Sentra”, meaning incense or the “breath of the deities”.

    The following incense recipe is synthesized from several ancient and modern sources.

Incense for Bast

    The famous “hookah” started as large, intricately-carved table-like pieces of furniture, which originally served as home altars to Bast. In addition to use in home rituals such as Morning Ritual, guests would be invited around the altar to honor the Goddess with a few tokes.

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