genre: Alternative Rock
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major influences: Jimmy Eat World/ Face to Face/Screachin Weazel
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location: Austin, Texas


Tonos Placements:
Ind. Opp Forwards:22
Ind. Opp Wins: 2
A/R Drop Box Wins:2
Runner-Ups: 3
Radio Placements:1

“All in A Day”
“The recording quality is there, the professionalism is there,these guys are well on their way! For this reviewer a copy of their album is a must! They are ready for the big time, my suggestion to the rest of the listening world,Prepare to be assimilated!” CLINT GAIGE Music reviewer/ & Radio Station Consultant

“Our words are our wounds and our music transcends the conscience state of memory or you could just say we are the John Cusack’s of rock’n roll.”

Beginning as a little less than hardcore, but more than pop-punk attitude in 1996 FAiLSAFE stepped up to the next level with the help of producer Ryan Greene (Nerf Herder) with a crushing yet accessible 4 song demo. Since 1999 FAiLSAFE has shared the stage with regional and national band / RiddlinĠ Kids (Aware Records)The Ataris (Columbia Records) Recover/ Fastball and EVE 6.

Failsafe is part of the incestuous Austin TX rock family.They have a full length CD and EP just completed Aug. 2003

101X Radio Station in Austin is currently playing "By The Way"
a live version 101X

Songs in Movies:
“Outside of the World”
in feature film “Getting Hal” starring Brad Rowe/Doyle Murray Karyn Rachtman-music supervisor

TV credits
“Kozy Claustrophobic”
on DAWSON’s Creek
WB Channel-01/22/03

Failsafe Showcases- EAT-M May 2002-House of Blues /Las Vegas.
Rock-U Showcase-June 2002 Austin,Tx- 2NMC showcase-October 2002 Nashville

Thanks to Tonos Failsafe recorded in the John Lennon Recording Bus 05/2002

Top awards and recognition abound for Failsafe. Runner-Up — top 15 band -2002 Indie Band Search. Top 50 Qualifier in “The American Music Awards Presents The Coca-Cola New Music Award” 2001 and 2002 competition

FAiLSAFE looks forward to becoming a FORCE in the FUSION of the new rock era.

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