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    They’re heavy, but dare not call it metal. It’s alternative and catchy, heavy and emotional but when fused in live shows or radio rotation with today’s artists … they surely deliver. Based in Erie, PA they exude command and a musical maturity that only years of experience can produce.

    The SEAHOLLIES posses a universal approach to originality. The songs are pop in structure, but with guitars blazing and a thick freight train of drum and bass, their movement pushes the music to the foreground. Vocal lines that are melodic and inducing are all over their musical compositions.

    In March 2002 they won a Michelob Light/Planet Radio 93.3 Battle of the bands. Beating out over 150 local bands they were chosen by multiple judges with an almost perfect score based on musicianship, professionalism, experience, songwriting, and live performance.

    July 2002 proved equally great for them when they won an online battle of the bands at Chosen by number of votes, acceptability and mainstream appeal by the people as well as a few industry heavy hitters… they beat out thousands of unsigned national acts. That secured a main stage set at the Rolling Rock Town Fair 3.3. Not only was this a great national debut but it was their CD release party for the full Length CD “Taurine” which is the 12 song epic that put SEAHOLLIES On the map.

    Thier 2003 release is almost complete…“radiate” is a featured single from this amazing new CD. Industry insiders are already appearing to show support for this refreshing new band.

    More to come soon hang in there and be part of the ongoing story.

    With a buzz this fresh they won’t be a secret for long!

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