Seed Is…

genre: R&B
also: Alternative Rock, Mainstream Rock, Pop
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signed to: unsigned
major influences: Nina Simone, Ani DiFranco, James Brown
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    In the past few years the taste of today’s music lover has broadened, where rockers are now listening to everything from Busta Rhymes to Carlos Santana and hip hoppers are sampling everything from Metallica to the Dave Matthews Band. With this in mind individuals, from completely different backgrounds, came together to create the only band thus far with the ability to satisfy them all. Seed Is… has created an original musical arsenal that encompasses the full spectrum of musical tastes. Some might ask, Isn’t it difficult to categorize a band that displays so many musical styles so well?, but if you ask any “Seedling” their response would simply be “why do you need to? It’s all good… .” Seed is you. Seed is me. Seed is us. Seed is free.

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