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also: R&B, Pop, Hip Hop
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    STAAARCHILD, the future of Electronica is actually a group formed by the Lead singer of a very established 70s Disco Cover Band in LA called THE FUNKY HIPPEEZ (

    After Seven years establishing themselves as the Worlds Premier Disco Tribute Band three out of the five members decided to form what they envisioned as the New Disco of the Millennium, House Music. Living in the After Hour CLUB scene of LA and seeing this new surge of House & Electronic Music, STAAARCHILD was born. The group’s goal is to take House/Electronica to the next level, which would be a group with a complete band as apposed to a DJ. The group writes and produces all of its material. Although STAAARCHILD’s sound is unique and cuting edge it still retains massive commercial appeal. To see a STAAARCHILD show is to take a peek into the future of Pop music.

    STAAARCHILD’s House cut “I LIKE IT” was the winner of the TONOS (MOONSHINE ELECTRONIC Challenge) judged by Producer/DJ/Artist Dave Aude.

    “I LIKE IT” was also a runner up in the 2002 John Lennon Songwriting Contest in the Electronic Category.

    STAAARCHILD’s Trance cut “Calling” was a finalist and forwarded to the TONOS Marsha X Opp.

    STAAARCHILD’s cut FEEL THE VIBE got a favorable review by Legendary Producer DAVID FOSTER.

    STAAARCHILD’s Song “THEM DJ’s” was a Finalist and forwarded to the TONOS BAHA MEN Opp.

    STAAARCHILD was AOL Musician of the Week.

    STAAARCHILD recently signed a management contract with NENE Musik from New York, and is currently shopping a Record Deal.

Manager:Ruben Martinez
845 534-5814

    Visit us at STAAARCHILD.COM

    (Look for shows coming to Major AfterHour Clubs in LA)

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management: Ruben Martinez 845 534-5814

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