genre: Mainstream Rock
also: Alternative Rock, Metal
cd available at:
mailing address:
signed to: unsigned
major influences: Tool, Alice N Chains, Incubus, STP, Godsmack
similar artists:
group members: DannyD (drummer); MikeQ (bassist); MikeB (vocals); EricO (guitar)
location: Boston, Massachusettes

this band broke up in fall of 2005


    Dogfight is best described as a young aged, powerful, and uncompromising hard rock band. Their music is as energetic as it is melodic, blending their diverse musical influences to create strong, memorable, intensely emotional songs. The band’s live performance is equally as powerful, physical and intense.

    The band has been receiving continuous airplay on many college radio stations; as well as local & prime time spotlight shows on WAAF, WBCN,WGIR, WHJY and WHEB in New Hampshire.

    The band has also performed live on WAAF Baystate Rock.

    WAAF in Boston asked the band to play their Holiday Bash back on December 7th. For this show, DOGFIGHT was the only local band to open for National Recording Artist Noise Therapy and PAPA ROACH. You will be able to catch some footage of this show on WAAF Real Rock TV show.

    WGIR has been allowing DOGFIGHT to open up some of their National Recording Artist shows as well!!

    The band has release it’s latest CD titled “PUSH” on October of 2002 and has sold 1000 units without any commercial backings.

    Dogfight continues in their tradition of powerful guitar driven music. Never satisfied, the band is constantly developing their craft and exploring various musical landscapes. DogfightÕs intention has always been to merge individual musical styles to create strong, memorable, emotional songs. Refusing to attach stereotypes to itself, the members simply prefer to write, record and play without compromise. Dogfight is an ambitious band possessing drive, desire, commitment, resilience and attitude.

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