genre: Metal
also: Alternative Rock, Industrial, Children’s Music
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signed to: unsigned
major influences: Tool, Nothingface, S.o.a.D., Slipknot, Pantera
similar artists:
group members:
location: Colorado


    Based in Palmer Lake, CO, FaiL-YeRZ is a band bound by fate and determined by irony. Heavily equipped with a brutal energy and highly intense grooves, the band brings to the stage a truly gut wrenching and visceral experience. FaiL-YeRZ manages to combine the creativity of four diverse personalities into one driving sound that defies classification. FaiL-YeRZ knows that the future is now, but that would make it the present, therefore the future is some other time when they will unleash their plans for total world domination. Plans for an east coast tour are coming, and with a name like FaiL-YeRZ, success is inevitable.

    “FaiL-YeRZ is one of Colorado Springs new and up coming nu-metal bands. This sound is not a rip-off of someone else, so you have to hear it to believe it. On the Indynation scale of 1-10 — I would rate FaiL-YeRZ as a 10.” — Sherry Faler, Owner/Industrial Nation

    “We’ve dealt with some really kick-ass bands since we started this gig, but of all the bands I think you guys were definitely the best. The energy you exude is truly amazing — I look forward to reading about you in Rolling Stone!!” — Trevin Bensko-Wecks — Account Executive/KILO 94.3

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