genre: Mainstream Rock
also: Modern Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop
website: www.heydevils.com
cd available at: www.heydevils.com
mailing address:
signed to: unsigned
major influences:
similar artists:
group members: Michael Corn, Doug Derryberry, John DiGiulio, Cliff Mays
instruments: male vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards


ARTIST NAME: Heydevils

The Modern Rock Quartet

Michael Corn — Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Guitar & Backing Vox
Doug Derryberry — Guitars & Backing Vox
John DiGiulio — Drums
Cliff Mays — Lead Vox & Guitars


    The essence of who the band is revealed within the lyrics, and the music that surrounds them. Lyrically, Heydevils is often satirical, handling serious subject matter with unique wit and insight. Each song tells a story that draws upon themes of the human condition — emotions everyone has felt and gone through at one time or another. The songs explore the curious recurring human tendencies to be oversexed, over self-medicated, the lustful pursuit of material things, the fear of loneliness, sentimentality and the quest for spiritual meaning at the end of the day — in no particular order.

    Proud to say we have just recorded and released our first CD. The album is titled “New Reality” and you can pick up your very own copy here www.heydevils.com

    Heydevils named AOL Musician of the Week.

    Heydevils song Jezebel chosen as a finalist in the Flagship Music Publishing Industry Opp!

    Heydevils chosen finalist in “Manager Looking For Artists With Baby Boomer Appeal Ind Opp”

    Heydevils song “You Have No Right” named finalist in the Tonos Blue Storm Ind Opp

    Heydevils were named Tonos June A&R Drop Box Semi Finalists.

    Heydevils were named “most downloaded band” off The WashingtonPost MP3 Website.

    Heydevils have been featured on Tonos Radio three times. Picked by our peers! Tremendous honor. We are humbled! Thanks Friends!

    Based around the songwriting team of Cliff Mays and Michael Corn along with the musical expertise of Doug Derryberry and John Digiulio, the band has set out to create a clear musical representation of our life.

    We invite you to visit the Official Heydevils website to get all the latest news, concert info, full mp3, band history, pics etc!


    See ya sooner…

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