Alternate Ending

genre: Alternative Rock
also: Modern Rock, Metal, Pop
cd available at:
mailing address:
signed to: unsigned
major influences:
similar artists:
group members: Roman Vail, Alicia McCall, Corey Gadeson, Allon McCall
instruments: guitar, female vocals, DJ, drums, bass


    Alternate Ending is the exactly what their name implies— a substitution or option to a supposed conclusion.

    This bands mission is to offer a different and unique way of looking— listening and experiencing “rock” music. A combination of influences that span from Fleetwood Mac to Tool, Carlie Simon to Tori Amos, Kool G Rap to DMX and everything in between.

    Nothing flashy— Nothing to far out— just a “what if” — just an Alternate Ending!

    Alternate Ending was conceived back in 1995. The band went by a different name then as well as different phases, member changes— the usual band cycle, till we all went our separate ways. Each member gaining experience and knowledge of their craft as well as the business and its taken till now for all of the pieces to fall into place— producing the music you hear today.

    The style that Alternate Ending has is pulled from every type of popular music- rock Ğmetal- grunge-pop-ska-electonica-rap-hiphop-r&b- classical-industrial- etc. But to put it simply we like to say its— alternative/grunge.

    This demo was created with the intent on showcasing the musical and creative ability of all involved with the sole purpose of forming and maintaining a full working band. Given location and other obligations during recording it was decided that we would present ourselves as a “project” first and then concentrate on the band aspect. Currently there are 4 members to this band:

Roman Vail— Guitar
Alicia McCall— Lead singer/Songwriter
Corey Gadeson— DJ/Programmer
Allon McCall— Drums/Guitar/Bass

    What we intend to accomplish with this demo is simple—

    To get the attention of a label that is ready and willing to sign, promote and distribute a project that not only will be able to produce a quality product in the studio but will also be able to reproduce it live with out question or hesitation. We feel that currently, too many young bands only make good music in the studio— we intend to change that notion of the young rock band.

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