genre: modern rock
cd available at:
mailing address:
signed to: unsigned
major influences: Disturbed, System, Rage, Mudvayne, Zepplin
similar artists:
group members: John, Jarrod, Andy, Marcus
instruments: bass, drumns, male vocals, guitar
location: California


    In 1999 four guys from the horse town of Norco California got together and formed the band SECT. They had known each other throughout all the grades, played sports together and hung around with the same people. Without even knowing it, they were all bound together by music. John (Bass) and Jarrod (Drums) were the first to hook up musically, playing covers in their garage. Andy (Vocals) was spending his time involved in musicals and choirs and being an academic standout. Marcus (Guitar) was busy in his garage, learning his craft. One day in mid 1999, Marcus decided to put the word out that he wanted to start a band. Before he got the chance to put up any flyers John and Jarrod approached him and wanted to get on board. It was instant chemistry between the three of them. Andy heard about the trio and wanted to lend his vocal ability to the project. From the very first note the four of them were a band. Since then they have played all over southern and central California. Passing on their energy to anyone who will watch and listen. Their music is a mix of different styles concentrated into a ball of passion and power. Their lyrics represent the current state of the world and what it is like to live in it.

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(74 Leonard St., NYC)
Thursday, September 25th 10:30pm    
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