Lemon Merchants

primary skill: bass
additional skills: Keyboards, Guitar - Lead, Producer
genre: Alternative Rock
also: Mainstream Rock, Pop
cd available at:
mailing address:
signed to: unsigned
major influences: power pop, beatles, posies, toad, tool
similar artists:


    As a musician in my early 30’s I sometimes feel like I’ve past my prime … but then again, this really means I have over 20 years of musical experience - performing live, touring with bandmates, and recording. I’ve included a few songs from my last project — “Lemon Merchants.” I am more naturally a pianist but decided to write and play these songs on guitar/bass to expand my style a bit. As a musician that has a tough time getting lyrics down on paper, I am interested in collaborating with lyricists and vocalists. I have several new tracks in the works on Logic Audio 5.0 (platinum) and would love to experiment with a patient offline collaborator.

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    Also, after I find a reliable service, I will be resuming the internet radio station MiloRadio.com — so feel free to submit CDs toMiloRadio.com, PO Box 1361, Tustin, Calif, 92781, USA.

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