Ryan Magdaleno

primary skill: Drums
additional skills: Songwriter - Composer
genre: Alternative Rock
also: Punk Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz
cd available at:
mailing address:
signed to: unsigned
major influences: Carter Beuford - Trav Barker - Chad Smith
similar artists:


    I need a BAND that can mix up styles. I am only 17 but play Punk/Funk/Jazz/ and some variations of Off-Time stuff. I took lessons from Travis Barker when I was 15 and he showed me the importance of being able to read and write music. He is a true musician in the sense of the word and a lot of people do NOT realize that. I like that. To be able to walk into a situation and lay down what they want to hear. That is cool, and I hope to obtain his status in the drum world.

    I play in a 3-pce band Called RUNEY and we have recorded 3 demo-cds and played many live shows. I have also played with members twice my age and have done recording with them also. It was a Rock/FUNK thing called KLOWNFish out of Oceanside.

    I play an Orange Cty. Drum Perc set with 2 snares. I use a 20" deep kik for a nice boom and like the different sounds of a 20 ply ported snare and a standard 9 ply snare.

    plse let me know if there is an opp for recording or laying down tracks for your music, Soul-RB Rock/Funk. I can also lay down beats for you to mix with a DJ sound.

    Love to hear from you.


—Ryan Magdaleno

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