Melissa Bathory

primary skill: female vocals
additional skills: Songwriter - Composer/Lyricist, Guitar - Lead, Producer
genre: R&B
also: Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues
cd available at:
mailing address:
signed to: Dreamworks
major influences: Res, S.Wonder, A.Keys, I.Arie, L. Hill
similar artists:


    Melissa Bathory is an accomplished singer/songwriter guitarist . In January 2002, she submitted her song “You Are…” into the A&R drop off box and was later flown to L.A to meet industry executives, lables and publishing companies.

    A short time after meeting with Dreamworks records, Melissa was inked to the lable.

    Most recently, Melissa won the Grand prize in the R&B catagory in the John Lennon songwriting competition.

    Melissa is currenly recording new material with producer Adam Messinger and performing.

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record label: Dreamworks
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