MIchael Anthony Akin

primary skill: keyboards
additional skills: Songwriter - Composer/Lyricist, Vocalist - Male, Other
genre: Native American
also: Country, Jazz, Blues, Other
cd available at:
e-mail: mike_akin2002@hotmail.com or manfromnothing@yahoo.com
telephone: (808) 383-2572
mailing address:
signed to: unsigned
major influences: Beatles/Beach Boys/Band/Baez/Hendrix/Hank Jr.
similar artists:
location: Hawaii


My Dad was into Dixieland Jazz and got me started on Sentimental Journey at age 5. Was taught piano by the Good Shepherd Sisters. Grew up in Old Town/O’Rono, Indian Island, Maine. Member of Penobscot Nation having the oldest continuous form of Democracy in North America. My tribe believes we came from the Pleiades. Very mindful of “Standing in Good Relationship to the Earth” and “not judging another until walking a mile in his/her moccasins”. Into Nutrition, Food Safety, Culinary Arts and Archaeoastronomy. I have written about 500 songs, half with lyrics. I have penned Pop, Country, Rock, Wedding, Patriotic, Jazz, semi-Classical, Christian, Native American, Filipino, Childrens’, Modern Hawaiian, Romantic, New Age, Social Themes and Movie Songs. I have lots of material. I have made significant contributions to the betterment of my Country. For example, helping to Stop the First Nuclear Power Plant Park (13 reactors) in the Nation at Shawnee on the Delaware River, supplied from my blood the first nuclease (snurps/scurps) for DNA splicing/gene deletion & insertion as a USPHS SLE Research Patient, helping further Native American/Hawaiian Sovereignty and knowing for an absolute certainty that parts 3 & 4 of the Hopi Prophecy will never come true (Elder Brother rights) are some of my proud accomplishments. God Bless the USA! For you Polynesian Research buffs, I know the story of Rono Matua (Lono Makua) better than anyone. My favorite Native American saying is “We all have a little piece of our story. One day we will sit in a circle and after we each tell our part the whole story will be known”.

My favorite American saying is “Show me the money!” I hope to continue to create music for all the days of my life.

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